Vision pages: My newest new thing

I’m continually adapting processes and practices into my life. Here’s my newest new thing: Vision pages.

It’s a daily thing and it’s so simple it makes me weepy (with joy … with joy):

  • I address my superlative supercalifragilistic higher power. 
  • I go on a bit about what I’m relishing, what I’m loving, or what I’m plain grateful for in my life these days.
  • I pivot . . .
  • And launch into what I’m creating in this world. Could be this day or this lifetime.
I do this most mornings now, for up to a page, never more. There’s life to be lived! There’s (generally other people’s) genius to be shared! With you! There’s magic to be had and I’ve got to get to it, my day.

There are variations. If something is weighing heavily on me I may discourse with the Infinite about it. Since the Infinite is so . . . big . . . I usually choose a favorite aspect to relate to, my latest favorite being OmJah for the playfulness inherent in the term. And we’ll puzzle out the issue, we two (we one) (wink wink).

Some days I never get past the opening so-glad-to-be-here sequence. Other days it’s a talk back and forth about what I need to hear. On yet other days it’s all about the creation, baby, where I’m headed, what I’m doing, how it will benefit all creature-kind.

More and more I’ve come to believe in the power of writing your essential self into existence. It’s also a buoyant and clarifying exercise. You can’t help but be stoked as you head out into the day after a vision page. 

Inspired by these books:

stillness, release (six words)
Zazen Law-of-Attraction Style