Wabi Sabi friendship

Wabi Sabi: 

. . . embracing the imperfect . . . 

Think to your heroes in history. Didn’t they each and all have flaws?

If Churchill, possibly it was his drinking. If Martin Luther King, Jr., possibly it was his extramarital liaisons. If Gandhi, his regrettable lack of a bowtie.

Friendship is the same way. The best relationships revel in a mix of fine and good qualities interlaced with at times inexplicable to baffling elements.

I have friends who overlook much in me. They tolerate my near-Tourette’s bursts of excitement, offbeat humor, and far-out interests. They overlook aspects of my character I’m not even aware of.

Yet I am also a friend who often finds endearing what others consider to be flaws — except when I’m left on that street corner in New York waiting on your sorry perpetually late self . . . again . . . But that was then. Now I don’t put myself in situations where I might wait interminably for the ever-late. Or if I do, I’m ready. I’m ready with something else meaningful to do.

Extending Wabi Sabi friendship means accepting the whole person as s/he is — and building upon commonalities that inspire. And adapting to the rest.

Wabi Sabi is about growth through imperfection. Real friendship has never been about perfection, it’s only ever been about seeing a person in total, and loving them for it. 

Wabi Sabi: 

. . . embracing the imperfect, seeing the magnificence there . . .

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