Walking barefoot, feeling the heartbeat of it all

Who says social media is a wasteland. Not if you’re on Google Plus. Today a friend I haven’t met sent this to me, and it rocked my moment.

I think you too, amazing readers, will disappear into these lyrics by The Waterboys. They speak to the extraordinary ordinary . . . . 

The Waves

When I walk barefoot on the soil in the morning
I can feel the heartbeat of the holy earth
under my feet

And when I climb high among the hills, schooled in wonder
I can feel the hurtling and the moving of the soul of the world
as it speaks to me

And when I fall into illusion’s arms, even unto darkness
still I feel the power of the unquenchable light
as it holds me

And when I die, I’m going back over, I’m going back over
in the boxcar of my soul to the high far summerlands
where I began
where I began

Appears on: This Is The Sea (remaster), 2004

Posted in honor of Todd Karlen, who sent this to me.

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