The way of silence

Inspired text from all time, all teachers, all tribes.

This piece is taken from Eric Butterworth’s The Universe is Calling. I’ll get out of the way quickly here so you can enjoy the meat of his message (or the tofu if you’re vegetarian):

Within you right now and all the time there is a transcendent power. It is important to take time frequently to be still and get centered at the “still point” within. That is the consciousness level where you are the focus of the limitless energy of the universe.

Many persons complain that they never have original ideas. They say, “Oh, it would be nice to be creative. I really admire creative people, but no inspiration ever comes to me.” And I often boldly say, “Why don’t you get still and listen?” Often these people are so busy talking, usually about their deficiencies and the injustices rained upon them, that they never really get themselves out of the way so as to experience themselves at the point of oneness. It is as impossible for one who is surrounded with the ceaseless babble of conversation to experience the flow of creative ideas as it is for pure water to flow through a pipe containing crude oil. There is never a moment in your life when the guidance you desire or the creative ideas you need are not present within you, as dynamically present as the force of gravity is present.

The more we know about homo sapiens, this person you are, the more we know that you are a cosmic creature with the whole universe concentrated in you. You are potentially the greatest concentration of energy in the world. Through the projection of this energy (which is precisely what prayer is about), you become God in action. 

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