Wayne Dyer on Anita Moorjani: What you don’t have to do in this life

Anita Moorjani was down to 82 pounds and not expected to live through the night by her doctors.  

Her body was riddled with tumors from lymphoma. Her doctors, in fact, had written this was her ‘last night’ in their notes. 

Listen in on Wayne Dyer describing an aspect of Anita Moorjani’s near-death experience

“She was told she could come back into her body, that she had an important lesson to teach us:  

That you don’t have to do anything.

You don’t have to accomplish anything.  

You don’t have to be anything that anyone else has assigned to you to be.  

All you have to do is treasure your magnificence and recognize that who you are is connected to a divine source, who you are is God. 

Stay in that realization.”

Interestingly, for those who feel they’ve lost loved ones too soon, Moorjani says this when asked why she was the lucky one to come back when so many others have not. 

She believes the others are the fortunate ones, because the far side of death is unsurpassingly blissful. An experience so exquisitely profound no one would want to return from there. She implies that none might ever come back if it weren’t for the soul work yet to be done.

She came back only because she had unfinished work to do — and to tell her story so that others might gain a clearer understanding of their purpose here.

The quote above is excerpted from Dr. Wayne Dyer Unplugged: In Conversation with Lisa Garr.
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