We all love a good materialization story

Yes, we all love a good materialization story, where something playfully intended comes to pass in unexpected ways. I’m going to share one woman’s experience, times three.

But first, a little background.

In the oh so recent past I’ve taken up interviewing people I meet who impress me. These interviews were inspired by my brother, who has done this for years — even with strangers he’s read about, from whom he might glean great insight.

I consider these talks — my version of them — to be spiritual history interviews. I’ll meet someone, and that person will drop a phrase that tickles my recticular activating system — that part of your brain filtering input, which alerts you to something potentially significant.

Of course each person’s recticular activating system will alert them to different stimuli. For my Mom it will always be food, if she hasn’t eaten in say, oh, thirty minutes. She’s an all day grazer. For my friend Russell, it might be — who am I kidding — it will be an attractive male.

For me now, one of the activators are people who seem as if they might have an interesting spiritual life. Since it’s not something we talk about in polite society, it can only be sussed out by dropped phrases that imply a greater meaning.

So it was with this woman — who will be named Gretten until further notice.

The interview with Gretten was far ranging and rich, she’d been keenly aware of her spirit self since birth and had pursued that connection with gusto in her teen years, into adulthood. So there was much to talk about, bits of which will find their way into future articles here.

After health issues with her son left the family in some debt, for the first time ever she had a desire for money — beyond what she had available. Her life until then had been such that what she wanted and needed came in the right rhythm; it simply hadn’t been much of an issue until this point.

As a consequence, Gretten decided — rather playfully — to think of herself as a wealthy woman. Her husband joined in the fun, at times addressing her as the “wealthy woman.”

She wondered, as a wealthy woman what would I like to do?

One of her thoughts is that a wealthy woman would enjoy a boat ride down the Intracoastal Waterway — and she play acted out that scenario in her mind, then let it go.

A few weeks later a couple Gretten and her husband didn’t know that well unexpectedly invited them — you know where this is heading — on a boat ride down the Intracoastal. Because they had extra tickets. This couple likely didn’t know what prompted them to ask Gretten and her husband . . . but you and I suspect we know, even if we can’t name the mechanism or fully understand it. When we are playfully inventive, Creation seems to take great delight in conspiring to create those imagined circumstances.

Gretten’s next visualization centered around going to the theater — because that’s where a wealthy woman would go of course. Again, events conspired, tickets were acquired, to the theater they went, for free.

On a lark and on a roll Gretten asked her husband to stop at a car dealership as they were driving by. Her car was old in the tooth and needed to be replaced. At the dealership she fell in love with this particular vehicle even though they didn’t have the money for it.

Her husband played along: “Well, since you’re a wealthy woman . . . ,” he said.

Later, at an event elsewhere, she won that car! That very car — not only the same car, the same color, indeed the very car she’d lovingly caressed with her hand — it came from that same dealership.

Nuff said.

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