We think we’re the lamp shade: Michael Bernard Beckwith’s epiphany

Confiscated from Epiphany

By Elise Ballard

Michael Bernard Beckwith:

Around six weeks ago, I had another lucid dream. 

I felt this gigantic being standing next to me very luminous and very big. It reached down and touched my heart. I felt it dissolving any obstruction that would hinder the flow of life coming through me. 

At some point in this process, I realized that I was the giant touching Michael. The giant was me, and “Michael” was how I expressed him in this three-dimensional realm in which we live. I simultaneously knew that there is a giant in everyone. 

Everyone has this giant, luminous being that is their true self. The human incarnation is the instrument through which the Eternal breaks through into time. 

Everyone is a sleeping giant, so to speak, waiting to hear the call, waiting to surrender to it, waiting to act on it. 

We’ve gotten caught up in thinking we are what we look like, the physical, the exterior. 

We think we’re the lamp shade. We’ve forgotten that we are the light  the electricity and the luminosity that lights up every man, woman, and child. The light is who we truly are.

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