Wei wu wei: A demonstration

Wei wu wei: effortless effort

Wei wu wei: action without action

Wei wu wei: effortless action

I think of the Daoist concept of wei wu wei this way. If I observe my home space is in disorder and frustratedly force myself  in a snitty mood  to pick up my stuff, their stuff, the dog’s stuff, that is wei. That is action. But it is artless action.

It is wei harder than it needs to be, man.

If I quiet myself and contemplate graceful order . . . and then am suddenly seized to make it so, I am propelled into order making:

I’m cleaning.

I’m energized.

I’m picking up.

I’m humming.

I’m even singing raucously and badly.

That is wei wu wei.

I feel better during and after my my efforts. In fact, it didn’t even feel like effort, it felt like propulsion!

I was in the flow, lost to myself, nothing was dragging me down. Motion and focus merged to became effortless action.

Wei wu wei.

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