We’ve been gifted: A world of wheee

We alive today have been gifted with wheels, TV stations, planes, not having to farm if you don’t want to, not having to hunt if it’s not your thing, not having to gather if bending over often overtaxes you . . .

We don’t have to invent the rice cooker, telephones . . .

In this era, whatever we think hardship is, it’s not. Impoverished? Try doing that three thousand years ago. A hundred years ago. Dying of a disease? Imagine the same thing, medievally.

(We’ve been gifted with trains, tractors, tonsillectomies . . . )

Can you imagine in the Western world waking on a hard rough earth, feeling the first blasts of winter . . . and having to scour the landscape for the animal that will be your winter coat?

( . . . sailboats, the idea that you can attain your dreams, digital devices including the one you’re on now . . . )

Personally, thanks to family, we were gifted with assistance in a time of need. Personally, thanks to bio-engineering through orthodontics, I’ve been gifted with non-British Isles teeth though genetically I should have had them  the odd tooth here and there  virtually sprouting from my lips. Personally, thanks to our culture, I’ve been gifted with the ability to make my own unique contribution toward the greater whole, in whatever way I choose.

(. . . microwaves and groceries and condoms that mostly work . . . )

This is a world of wheeeee!  

Admit it, fess up, this world we’ve got here aint so bad now.

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