What am I creating today?

If you can worry, you can dream. 

— Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

There’s an Abraham-Hicks motif that I like to remind myself of, about how your thoughts have creation power and ultimately solidify — in some form — into your experience.

Many have spoken in a similar fashion. Their version goes (somewhat) like this: 

Whatever you are thinking is like planning your future. If you’re worrying, you’re planning your future. If you’re happily expectant, you’re planning your future. If you are filled with dread, you are planning your future. In essence, observe your thoughts to find out what you are planning for yourself.

The sculptor David Langley told me that for many years he awoke each day to this thought: What do I have to worry about today?

After he caught himself repeating this defeating mode of inquiry every morning, he decided to train himself into a different mode. Here’s the new question he poses for himself each morning: What am I going to work on today?

Essentially he’s asking, what am I going to create today . . . ? It’s a line of inquiry that propels him into the day with creation power at his back.

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