What creators do (they launch, this is an example)

This post inaugurates a new series, a series on what creators do — to inspire and inform.

Who are the creators? Those who seek to create something meaningful. You and I are creators, or else we wouldn’t be reading material that illuminates. 

At its best humanity creates. 

We consciously create at every turn. It appears as expression, innovation, commerce, service, products, compelling playfulness (entertainment and games and sports and art and literature), family building, community knitting, experience gathering.

We especially seek significance.

In fact, whenever you see someone attempting something significant for themselves, you can whisper, ahhhh, a creator in action, how beautiful is that.

Who am I to speak with authority about what creators do? 

I’ve lived and attempted and failed and succeeded. I’ve been engaged for decades in creative endeavors (business, design, art, writing), though those hardly qualify me more than anyone else. 

Anyone who’s sought to conjure something from scratch is a creator  a business, a career, a relationship, an experience, a practice, an adventure, a piece of art, a way of living, a way of giving. Anyone who’s done that is qualified.

Creating is intentional. Creating is at the heart of being full-spectrum human. It is only when we dull down into an un-creative state that we are less than alive. This series will explore what it means to be awake and aware and alert, creating that which is meaningful.

I’ll be casting my glance about and reporting back to you about the creators who surround us in the thought atmosphere. I’ll also be telling you about the everyday creators I’ve spied over the years and have taken note of.  

My hope — my keen expectation  is that it will empower your own sense of creation power. The world only gets better with your power on.

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