What do I mean by God?

What do I mean by God?

I don’t know!

Truly. But what’s even better — I can’t know. Not in toto, in full.

I can’t even know myself in full. Can I really grok what the experience/function of my kidney is? Or one cell, much less a trillion —

This is all so very OK. Knowing that I won’t know — not comprehensively — gives me the freedom to not be pinned down by only one God version, or even one reality version.

Sometimes God to me is the Inexplicable — that something I suspect yet can’t define.

Sometimes God is Magnificence, all that shines, pulsates, blinks in and out . . .

Sometimes God is Not God, simply the hollow at the core.

Or God is that buzzing umbilical connection to All Possibility.

The Elusive Mystery . . . is sufficiently exciting . . . to be experienced  . . . incompletely. 

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