What does the resplendent life look like?

It looks like your life now, but in this way:

  • You are engaged. You smile and cavort. You hum like a finely tuned engine of joy. 
  • The resplendent life is the life of the uber-you. The you that emanates pure gooey goodness, sometimes so much you make others chirp like a bird.

I think it’s like Jeannine Perlman, who one day took the time to listen – to really engage
– with a customer who could be a drag. She would normally duck away from this time-sucking individual but that day she decided to be there for him. She listened. At length. At lengthy length.

Afterward, as she was parting to go back to her work, he thanked her. Whatever had transpired in their talk had lifted a burden.

That is what your resplendent self looks like in action. And it spills over to others without you always knowing it.
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