What every creative house should have in it

We’re all creatives now.

Be you a self-defined creative (in the arts, in design) or be you a small biz whiz or be you in a large organization, we’re all creatives. We all need to engage our creative best to thrive.

And where you live is where it all begins. Your home is the spur or the chains to your creative flow.

Every creative house should have at least one item made by each inhabitant:

  • An art object
  • A clay mug
  • A book (if a writer lives there)
  • A drawing, a sketch
  • A handmade something
  • A handwritten mantra in marker or paint
  • A musical instrument (if music is played)
  • A quilt
  • A vision board
  • A scrawled prayer for this life and this world
  • Notes on the good life tacked to a wall
  • A handcrafted piece of furniture
  • Driftwood lovingly burnished
  • A found object repurposed imaginatively 
Engage your creativity from where you live. It will spill out from there.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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