What heals the body . . . heals the mind

If you look over the themes of these posts . . .  

Healed by yoga: Special forces version

Your body heals your mind

Bond genius does yoga inversions in the middle of the workday

. . . you’ll find something interesting.

If you want to heal the mind you don’t always need to address the mind. You can address the body. If you want to inspire the mind, articulate the body.

Studies have proven that exercise works as well or better than any drug or combination of drugs for several common mental afflictions, including depression and anxiety.

If you want to heal the mind, move the body. Move it! Shake that thing! Or at the very least, walk it, stretch it, daily, half an hour or more. An hour a day and you’ll be writing guest posts for The World Is Freaky Beautiful! You won’t be able to contain your uplift.

The frequently-used phrase mind body spirit means that you can affect the whole through any of those points. It’s why exercise is important
– and why yoga is ascendant in today’s Western world, because it addresses all three.

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