What I have in common with Edison and Branson (and maybe you too)

Now what oh what could I have in common with these people? (And possibly you too.)

Richard Branson, billionaire entrepreneur

Thomas Edison, inventor

Charles Darwin

Tony Robbins, motivational superman

Leonardo Da Vinci, the apotheosis of the Renaissance
(In mirror image.)

Bruce Lee, martial artist/actor
“Skill conditioning”

John Lennon, some musician
“H.B.O guy coming between 3-5. BE THERE*”

J.K. Rowling, writer
(No real surprise . . . )

Johnny Cash, the man in black
“Kiss June”

All of them took/take copious notes. They record, record, record. And they act on them too. There’s no better way to instigate the flow of ideas than to record them and use them. Your brain believes you then, that you’re serious. After that, watch out. 

Once you demonstrate your commitment by recording thoughts, the magic is engaged. Your brain opens a stargate into the conceptual realm and ideas come gushing through. 

(You moderate the flow by the attention you give them.) 

A side note: Thomas Edison’s notes over a lifetime totaled more than 5 million pages. Pages!

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