What I learned about spirituality on the road

You can’t feel lonely in the All.

For a year and a half I was on the road during the financial crash, saving our business. When you are in motion most of your waking hours, how do you thrive?

Here’s what I learned: To use small spaces in the day to commune and connect.

Here are some natural spaces I found in 12- to 16-hour days:

  • Upon waking
  • Upon first getting in the vehicle
  • Upon stopping at a gas station
  • Upon stopping for meals
  • Upon stopping at rest areas for quickie breaks
  • Upon going to bed
There are many natural breaks in a day you can use to connect, even when your life is one long active day upon another.In my case, I was driving a Sprinter van, so I made brief stationary times there useful. I would go into three- to five-minute meditations . . . or affirmations . . . or visualizations . . . whatever felt right. It was easy to sit cross-legged on the driver’s seat, close my eyes and launch.After a five-minute exercise break, I would ground myself in this way sitting in the cab of the van . . . for just a few minutes.

Sometimes only a minute! But add these times up in a day and you find you’ve spent half an hour or more in grounded silence, connecting, communing, resurrecting yourself.

The energy propulsion coming out of these moments was sufficient to keep me humming in tune despite grappling with a world in chaos.


Note: I like to resurface older posts I think you’ll find useful or interesting, like this one.

Note 2.0: We made it through. We’ve been thriving for years, baby!

A path is only a path
What heals the body . . . heals the mind