What I see in you

First, let me get this out of the way: I’m easily impressed by you.

I’m easily impressed by most humans. This tendency has become even more pronounced since I started this blog and began searching out the exquisite within the mundane.

There is so much of value within you! You are amazing to the power of amazing. What I’ve found by simply noticing is this: 

  • You are often not aware of your magnificence
  • You have riches that when mined shine on us all like diamonds and more, like yet-to-be-discovered gemstones.
  • You are insightful (and funny).
  • You are creatively playful.
  • You contribute in ways you can’t imagine.

And so much more.

This magnificence is leaking out in the two spheres of your life: when alone in your thoughts, when engaged with others. 

Some of you have gotten more of the crud out of the way and it’s easier to see. 

Some of you help the rest of us remove the crud from of our mind’s eye, so that this inner light can burst through.

When does it shine through? In two moments: those moments with yourself, those moments with others.

You know when it’s happening. You feel charged. You pulse with possibility. The world bends to you (because you bend to it).

Because I see it in you I am able to see it more clearly in myself — thank you!


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