What I want most I already have!

Take a peek here. It’s a note I have taped to the front of my planner. I was struck giddy one day this past year with this realization:

And what do I want most?

My wife and child and extended family and friends.

Engaging, creative work.

A sense of mission.

Vibrant health.

Exploration without end.

As a bonus, we live on this super-abundant land of trees and shrubs backing up to a preserve. Nature envelops us here.

If you were to telescope into the details of my life from afar you’d see plenty that would, could overwhelm. A fragile business burdened by what it took to survive the economic crash. No clear way out. Great losses. Years, if not a decade or more to recover, if ever.* 

I don’t care! It’s already repairing itself nicely. If the situation turns for the worse again we’ll tap into the source of all creativity and figure out how to worm our way into a new life. We’re already doing so . . . . tapping into that Source, opening our fertile minds to possibilities, and acting upon them when compelled. 

I do have wishes. I move toward those wishes every day. Some have already materialized — love in many forms, shelter midst the trees, a business on the mend, a creative mission — while others are on their way. I’ll speak of them as they come into existence. For now it’s best to keep them to myself.

It was shock and awe, this realization — and calming — what I want most I already have! You might also. Look around for a tiny moment with new eyes.

* Or no time at all . . . magic is in the air . . . 


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