What imaginary thing did you do today?

Let me tell you mine first, the imaginary thing I did today. I know you want to jump right in  but subside, you’ll get your turn. I promise.

Today I met my friend Brian Reekers for breakfast. While I was waiting for him I wrote out a pre-experience  an experience the essence of which I expect to live at some point.

This was easy to get into as I’ve been thinking along these lines recently, and have been narrowing in on what might constitute an exciting work day.

I met a friend for breakfast. We both found ourselves laughing at how such a short time ago we’d only just begun our passion careers, and here we were now, enjoying the contribution we were making in people’s lives, as well as the rewards financial and personal that came with this success.

Afterward I hopped in my mobile office a Sprinter campervan that doubles as our family adventure vehicle 
and zipped off to conduct an interview with a gifted and spirited woman I know. 

When we parted ways I drove to a quiet spot overlooking the Jupiter inlet. There I fleshed out my notes while playing back some of the more poignant moments she’d shared. I couldn’t wait to in turn share her thoughts with a wider audience. 

Then sweetness of sweetnesses, I received an unexpected call requesting an interview with me. A nice turn of the table. We were able to make it happen right then, while still parked in my mobile office under the palms, watching boats go by. It was short, fifteen minutes max, because the writer was under a deadline.

Afterward, I took a break (some call it a nap). I arose zooming with ideas and wrote a bit. I was so excited I didn’t want to stop for lunch, so I grabbed some snackable thing out of the fridge and plowed into the text spilling out of me. 

I love when I feel like an open channel! 

Then it was off to pick my son up from school. 

We drove over to a spot near the beach, did homework together, and then hopped out and body surfed in and out of the waves for an hour. We showered and headed home to meet my wife, who was just coming out of her studio as we drove up. 

I’ve got to tell you, as I wrote that waiting for my friend at breakfast, I was in it. I could feel the glow of the day . . . .

OK, now you.

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