What is New Thought?

A bumper sticker so good and so apt I’ve used it twice
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Did you see this week’s post on Mollie Player’s review of Burn Baby Burn and wonder what in bloody hell is New Thought?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, here’s my take on New Thought basics

— The intensity of your expectations spark a call and response from Life. 

— These wispy thought things influence reality far more than we give credit. 

— We are at play in a loving, growth-oriented greater reality. Our experience mirrors our level of awareness. 

In essence we are flagellates immersed in a divine sea, learning to swim.

I write about these themes because they compel me. How to navigate toward better is what I most need to learn. Passing along what I’m grappling with is a surprisingly effective way to deepen my own understanding.

Judging from the feedback I’ve received in emails, it’s helpful to others as well. Which is gratifying.

You might find this useful too. 

A brief, unauthorized history of New Thought 
(in bullet points without bullets) (!)

The fundamental ideas inherent to New Thought came into focus with Phineas Quimby in the mid 1800s 

Quimby started out as a mesmerist, the precursor to modern-day hypnotism. Over time he moved away from mesmerism as he became convinced that divinity is expressed in every individual . . . and it is one’s mind and what it accepts as true that forms our experience. 

In his lifetime Quimby gained fame as an exceptional healer. Thousands came to him for healing through his spiritual mind technique.

New Thought takes as its heritage concepts promoted by the Transcendentalists, particularly the personal-spiritual writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Emerson in turn was inspired by new-to-America translations of Hindu texts. 

A Unitarian minister, Emerson merged Christian ideals with American individualism and Indian spiritual tenets

For example: All humans are spiritual beings at their core; all souls are interconnected to One Great Soul . . . 

This was a radical departure from pervasive messages in the culture before that time. Specifically messages focused on sin and Hell and damnation . . . ) 

Students of Quimby’s spread his ideas throughout the U.S., where they attained great popularity after his death. 

Several new religious movements spawned from his ideas: Unity, Religious Science, what is now called the Center for Spiritual Living, and Christian Science among others.  

Simultaneously the self-transformation ideas weaseled their way into the Human Potential/Self Help movement gaining force in the latter half of the 1800s. It is also commonly referred to as Positive Thinking. 

Prosperity Gospel teachings borrowed heavily from New Thought ideas as well. (Joel Osteen is a current proponent of similar themes in his wildly popular weekly sermons.) 

The Law of Attraction movement sprang from New Thought roots. 

A couple branches of psychology influenced by New Thought principles should be noted: Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Psychology (with a core principle that all people are inherently good), and Transpersonal Psychology all have some root tendrils in New Thought principles. 

Here at Freaky Beautiful we’re steeped in these principles. This site revels in creativity and connection

The connection side encompasses the trifecta for a successfully creative life: soul connection, personal reflection and relationships.

Everything we talk about here — from envisioning to creating something meaningful in your life — springs from the idea that we can.

That we can access The Power for transformation.

That we can imagine an experience . . . and then find a way into that imagined experience. 

It doesn’t matter what it is: A loverly partnership, a creative approach to life, a vibrant body, an engaged career, rich relationships . . . the principle of moving in joy toward a vision works. 

There’s nothing better than this: Loving where you are while relishing where you’re going. Feeling connected all the way.

For you 

Evan Griffith

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