What is this power — this power of repetition?

The simplest force in the world is repetition. Repetition is a soul-tunnel into the essence of any endeavor. 

I’m blown away by the people around me who’ve effected real change in their lives over time. And they’ve all done it the same way, by reinforcing their momentum daily.

Some call it walking but not you — you who have walked daily for years on end. You call it spirit movement or walkabout time or connection through motion.

Some call it meditating but not you — you who have meditated every night for years. You who have put in your thousand hours. You call it necessary. You call it your practice.

Some call it giving but not you — you who have contributed generously and charitably over the years. You call it your life work. You call it your calling. You call it healing.

If you do a thing in a certain spirit long enough — repetition with reverence — it becomes primary to your life. It becomes a node for expression of your highest being.

Artists who create daily know this.

Parents who nurture daily live this.

Careers are made by showing up — alert — every day. 

Meaning is made by engaging a thing or a person or an idea often. 

Water tunnels through stone in this manner. Patience overcomes anger this way. Paper beats rock (but not scissors), though I don’t think this process is involved . . . .

. . . . . . .

Anyone living and breathing an ideal every day knows the colossal and astounding accrual that comes from doing a thing repeatedly over time.

It’s like compound interest but better. 

I don’t know what the seven wonders of the world are, but I do know the eighth  compound interest.

~ Baron Rothschild

Never ever ever was a relationship built without repetition.

Never ever ever was something changed in this world without repetition.

Never ever ever was there a worthwhile thing created without repetition.

(Sheesh. There sure is a lot of redundancy in this post . . . )

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Evan Griffith

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