What turmoil asks of us

Once during a period that I thought was so dark I’d never get over it, I heard these words: “This is not the end. It’s the beginning.”

And it was. 

~ Marianne Williamson

The Age of Miracles 

Sprinkled throughout this website are posts about low moments and how to get through them, spiritually and emotionally. Having been laid low myself I have a special empathy for those of you going through turmoil. I know how encompassing it can be. 

I also know how freeing it can be.

What does something catastrophic in our lives ask of us? 

It asks this: Who do you desire to be now?

Crazy silly besotted love asks us the same thing! 

I know because I’ve been asking that for almost two decades now with my lover woman wife.

The answer there is easy  I want to be my best, most alive self for me, for my adored partner.

Parental love, the same thing. When I answer who I want to be as a parent, it is always and forever a guide with an enlarged heart. And even more enlarged ears! . . . The better to truly hear my son. I want to be the largest version of me I can be.

The same question is true in every experience: 

Who do you want to be?

In turmoil it’s the last question you want to answer because you’re already dealing with so much crap you feel you’re going to smother-drown. 

Yet when you do answer, clarity comes. A kind of peace too. Not surprisingly, a way to engage the turmoil presents itself.

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