What you’ll be living tomorrow

How rapidly standards of living change, almost entirely for the better when viewed over the course of a generation. We are scarcely aware of it. 

At a certain point of ever-increasing human capacity we seem to be lulled into some odd mental complacency, actually believing that things are getting worse when in fact you are reading this now from a device that didn’t exist thirty years ago (if even ten), through a seamless and substantial global network that was only being dreamed of twenty years ago, in a publishing format that’s as baby fresh as the new millennium.

And you’re reading it for free. 

And not a single tree died for this pleasure.

And this is just one tiny slice of the innovation cantaloupe.

Go back a few decades and try to find a yoga class, a Prius, a wind turbine, organic food in a suburb, clothes that last for years for the cost of a meal, a unified Germany, Northern Ireland at peace, micro-financing for the poor in third world nations, hurricane glass, a black leader in the free world, billionaire philanthropists bursting from the seams, open-source spirituality . . . . you can add your list here . . . 

The ideas were there, now they’re real, now they’re here, now we’re living them. 

You want to know what the future holds — it’s not horror — it’s breathtaking what’s coming. Look for the ideas of today, the one’s that seem too good to be true — that’s what you’ll be living tomorrow.

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