What your mind will do for you: Buckminster Fuller and William Burroughs agree on this

Your mind ultimately answers every question you ask it.

~ Buckminster Fuller

One of the great joys in life is to discover how much your mind can be your ally . . . once you begin asking it to do so. 

I — ever the slow learner — didn’t really get this until I went through extreme crisis. Even when my mind supplied answers to serious questions, I didn’t trust it to always come through.

An example of this was in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, when I asked for several days running in the intensest, most urgent mind pain I’d known, How can I make enough money for our gallery to survive the off season? 

(Since we’d lost gobs of money during the season . . . .)

Not only did an answer pop into my head while driving, I felt thrill chills run down my spine.

(The answer was to call an art transporter we loved and offer my services as a transporter, using our large unused gallery van.)

(It worked.) 

(The gallery is alive and thriving today.)

Even then I didn’t make my mind my go-to ally. I would set it to cross purposes by letting it run free with worry . . . when I should have been directing it for the next inspired step.

Listen to William Burroughs and Buckminster Fuller. They are true and right. Your mind can be your most powerful ally, if you ask that of it. 

How do you ask your mind to be your ally?

For me, I find that I must get very clear on what the issue is, and from the purest place possible, ask for a solution to present itself. 

Some will say to ask once or twice and let it go. This has worked for me surprisingly well on matters of little consequence.

If I can in no way find it within myself to make the issue of little consequence . . . then I find asking urgently and repeatedly works.

Repetition is a form of contemplation. And directed contemplative thought signals sincerity. Sincerity elicits solutions.

(And so does frolic — you can’t frolic unless you’ve set your mind free!) 

One other thing

Your mind is tapped into the infinite. That pipeline will shut down from lack of use.

Ideas come to those who use them.  

Your mind is connected to the most powerful plaything in the known and unknown multiverse. Romp with it and it will romp with you.

When answers come, act on them. 

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.

~ William S. Burroughs

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