What’s more satisfying than surviving a collapse?

What’s more satisfying than surviving a personal financial collapse?

Thriving your way through it.

If you’ve read this site from the beginning you’ve seen occasional references to the spectacular collapse of our business in 2008. I don’t want to mitigate it . . . it hurt like a slow burn of the soul.

Now we are experiencing what can only be described as a surging comeback.

How do you thrive your way through a collapse?

By doing everything . . . by experimenting, by meditating, by finding reasons to laugh, by creating reasons to laugh, by affirming you can hundreds if not thousands of times, by declaring the triumph of your vision over circumstance hundreds if not thousands of times, by believing, by hoping when you can’t believe, by praying when you can’t hope, by desperately urgently pleading for help from your highest source often (as often as you need), by not quitting, by slashing expenses, by selling your once dream home, by ditching luxuries and embracing frugalities, by the support of family, by the encouragement of friends, by finding enjoyment wherever it can be had, by relaxing into it, by making it an adventure for your child so he won’t quite realize you’re in freefall, by immersion into uplifting texts, by writing out your dreams repeatedly, by seeking out the good happening all around you, by celebrating the successes of others, by connecting, by sharing, by helping others where you can, by getting silly, by smiling, by joking, by tenderness, by loving life so grandly the pain feels like runner’s cramp not incapacitation . . .

Everything works if you try it.

What specifically works? I don’t know. But I do know everything works. Try it the next time you need it . . . try everything that floats into view, try every little thing that tugs at you. You too will have your season of dancing in the street with your arms flung wide open. You will. 

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