What’s your freedom?

Shark Tank’s sarcastically named Mr. Wonderful claims everyone’s real dream is freedom. People may say they want money, but to Kevin O’Leary, when you probe further, it’s all about being free.

Freedom comes in many forms. Mine is to be free to create. In the most relaxing and rhythmic way possible every day.

In greater detail, it’s to connect with other creators . . . and to share the mechanisms and inspirations for creative living that we discuss with as great an audience as I can. 

It can be a perplexing venture, trying to create a life worth living. Nothing floats my soul boat more than talking in depth with others working their way through what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s so unique. What works for a person. What works for me, what works for you. 

It can also be daunting. When things don’t work. When what works for one person flat out fails for another.

That’s what makes it so special, to be intermixed in the lives of individuals experimenting their way into greater freedom. Through our art gallery and through this Freaky Beautiful: Notes for Creators site I get to meet creators of all stripes.

Artists, writers, indie business people, speakers, creatives, workers, parents, kids . . . everyone is trying to fashion a life of great meaning. 

It’s heartening. It’s invigorating. To share insights and stories from the front lines. 

What’s your freedom? What are you working toward?

Identifying what freedom is important to you clarifies your path forward. 

Do you want to be . . . 

Free from worry?

Free from debt?

Free to explore?

Free to give?

Free to be yourself?

Free from bosses?

Free to be of service in a job that makes a difference?

Free to come home at the end of the day and leave it all behind?

Free to grow at your own pace?

Free of expectations?

Free from anxiety?

Free creatively?

Free spiritually?

Free physically?

Free financially?

Freely in love?

What’s your freedom?

For you 

Evan Griffith
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