When all is hairy scary: Go silent, go limp

When all is hairy scary, when all is awhir, go silent, go limp.

When all is a chaotic hubbub of hubris, relax . . . and go into the silence.

When your heart frets, your gut torques, your soul shrivels . . . slip into the silence.

Many say meditate. Many say pray. When gripped by panic I do both. I alternate like the way I sleep, one side, then the other. One mode, then the other.

I’ve awoken at 4-ish in the morning, gripped by how am I going to pay that bill and then I meditate till I can’t . . . this is when I commence to pray. Then I pray until I can’t . . . now meditation takes the helm.

Back, forth. Back, forth. It echoes the rhythm of life. Action, renewal. Motion, rest. Impetus, resolution.

Something in the looping between the poles draws you to ground, till you sighhhhh . . . till you subside. There you find peace, between the two, no longer in either realm, but still silent, awake, aware, in a gentle space, curious now, alert to possibility now.

You may even wonder, um yeah, how am I going to pay that bill? But it is a question born of curiosity, not of desperation. You’re on the winning side already.

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