When cassettes were cool . . .

Back when there were cassettes  in the paleodigitalithic era  Brian Tracy said this at the end of a long discourse on success:

The purpose of life is to develop loving relationships.

I want to point out this was in an audio program titled The Psychology of Achievement: Develop the top achiever’s mindset. (You can get it now on MP3 or CD, which is how I listened to it.)

The intended audience for this program? Salesmen, executives, achievers, small business owners. Can anything be more mainstream than that?

This move to an expanded consciousness has been decades in the making, centuries really . . . the best always lift our eyes upward, outward, beyond ourselves. 

Which is love.

Which is connection.

Which is ever expanding one’s self.

Which is growing ourselves into silly crazy admiration and awe for those who trod this earth with us.

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