When the end creates the means

Might we find someday that the effect is the cause of the cause?

What I mean, the wonkier things get as we delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe, isn’t it possible we may discover that a future event sets into motion the beginnings necessary for its fulfillment?

This would be like a teenager dreaming of a car for herself her family can’t afford but she dreams it anyway. Day dreams and night dreams, around-the-clock dreams.

She believes its possibility into being.

When that car shows up suddenly in the most improbable of ways . . . a local auto dealer lottery, a friend of the family suddenly decides to give away an older vehicle, a medical supply delivery job opens up for her that comes with the use of a car . . . when it shows up universe knows how, then that future event — she and the car, together — will have triggered itself into existence.

The means — the way there — simply had to coalesce.

(Or we could think this: That focused and fervent thought creates future events, which conveniently create their own ways to become real.)

(Either way or any of a million ways, you know these things happen.)

(So dream! Fervently.)

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