When the real adventure begins

Sometimes the real adventure begins when the planned adventure ends.

We’ve just returned from an epic art road trip that took us in big loops through 30 states. There’s a moment of vertigo upon the cessation of a trip. A what now feeling.

What’s next is where the real adventure begins. The one we all grapple with every day. How to make routine meaningful. How to infuse experience with élan.

For those of us who are creative — and we’re all creatives in this era — it’s about finding our way into powerful work.

In the spiritual traditions I admire it’s about opening up and letting spirit energy through into what you do. 

That’s where the adventure begins. In the moments that might seem repetitive, in the chores and rhythms of the same-seeming days — it’s all about discovering the fire in routine moments. 

That’s how you know you’re alive to life. When there’s a little singe to it.

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Evan Griffith
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