When things go awry, remember this: Everything works

I haven’t written about this in awhile, but feel it is central to The World Is Freaky Beautiful message: 

When things go wrong in life, try everything. 


Because everything works.

I began this site when we were destined (it seemed) for bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy never happened. We improvised our way through it.  

Now, just two and a half years hence, ours is a comeback story worthy of trumpets. And ice cream. And a call from Oprah.

In short, we tried everything. Not all at once though sometimes we tried as many things at once as we could. Sometimes we tried the only little thing we could muster that day. Sometimes we were so depleted we left the trying for another day entirely. 

When you seek to connect you are rewarded. 

You are rewarded with soul messages. 

You are rewarded with bursts of energy coming from beyond you. 

You are rewarded with insights that ease you on your way. 

You are rewarded with softness, for yourself and others. Never will you find yourself so compassionate for the plight of others in the world. 

You are rewarded with help from unexpected quarters.

You are rewarded with moments of glory in the midst of the mundane so spectacular that you don’t know how to convey to others what you experienced.

Here’s how I put it to a new friend in an email this past week:

Everything works. 

Prayer, meditation, visualization, helping others, asking silently or aloud for help, loving yourself, loving the situation even if it’s unlovable, mantras and affirmations and declaring your new path out loud, writing down your soul onto the page, writing your desires, writing out your frustrations and then pivoting into ‘what ifs’ . . . it all works. 

Try whatever feels right for you, and you can’t go wrong. Go thrive, you soul surfer you!

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