When the world bends to you

You know that feeling, that feeling you have when you’ve tossed your worries and set them floating off, off and away  that feeling of floating, that feeling of being lighter than air, lighter than thought, that feeling you have when your whim becomes real, you think, Hmmmm coffee? and someone shows up heading off to Starbucks, or you’re thinking, You know what would be fun? A walk on the beach with X . . . and X calls and you shriek, I was just thinking about you and a walk on the beach! and there you are thirty minutes later, beach walking. 

You know that feeling, that feeling you have when every person, every pebble in your path is alive with aliveness so pulsating you’re overcome with the magnificent searing beauty of it all, that feeling of having penetrated into the very essence of life, that feeling of knowing the world bends to you . . . when you have that feeling.

Lizard, squirrel, human
A moment of wheeee . . . Rainball version