When your practice falls apart: The power of 15

We’ve been especially busy in our art business. Which is a good thing of course. Business is very close to busyness. When there’s not much busyness you fear for your business.

In the end-of-season hubbub my creative practice fell apart.

So I’m doing the one thing I’ve done so many times before to repair the damage. Recommitting to my daily practice . . . 15 minutes at a time.

An hour just seemed so insurmountable. Like when?!

So 15 minutes to the rescue.

And guess what? Those 15 minutes hypnotically led to an hour. It led me by the nose hairs . . . not that I have nose hairs you can grab onto . . . But really, who can stop when you’ve finally got the big mo going?

15 minutes is tricky that way. 15 minutes is sneaky and I like it. 15 minutes will sweet talk you into more. Like your favorite snack. Or lover or social media stream.

And if I hadn’t gone further than 15 minutes?

That would have been OK too. It would have been a start. Maybe I would have gone 15 plus 15 the next time.

But I didn’t 🙂 . . . I went the full monty, 15 plus 15 plus 15 plus 15. 

1/24th of a day, my friend.

15 minutes is your friend with benefits. 15 minutes is your way out of the collapse of your routine — or your way into something you want to start.

I’ll even help. 

Think of something that could use a push, something that could use the spell-casting power of 15.

What is it? 

What is that activity you’ve been putting off?

I’ll bet you have 15 minutes right now . . . you’re here reading, aren’t you? What will you really be doing in 15 minutes? You know you’re probably skipping over to some other click-enticing part of the internet. 

Or planning to read more here at FreakyBeautiful.com. 

But don’t. 

Not today.

It’s time to put the internet down.

Me and every other byte of the internet will be here when you get back. We’ll miss you of course. We’ll be thinking of you . . . 

We’ll be thinking, Damn, you did it. You blew us off for something meaningful! Something energizing even. Something necessary.

So we won’t take it personally. 

Now off with you.

Get ready . . . 

Your 15 minutes starts in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . 

For you 

Evan Griffith

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