Where all creating begins


“If you can embrace not knowing, that’s when amazing things happen.”

~ Rose Umerlik


Rose is an artist. She was speaking of that point where you’ve internalized your craft to the best of your ability . . . and then you simply have to dive in and go past that.

Those who create wonders have to wade out way past the area of firm footing . . . and then push off.

There are ways to push off into unknown waters while keeping a tether to things familiar. Those who create a side biz while holding onto a firm paycheck know this.

As a gallery owner, I’m approached all the time by people who’ve skipped the first step — learning your craft so well that it is a part of you — yet they’ve leapt into the unknown. They don’t understand their lack of success.

If you find yourself flailing, go back to where all creation begins. Asking questions.

When something is missing, questioning is the most direct route to its location.

Questioning is the most powerful method available to lead you beyond what you know.

Questions evoke responses, from your own brain and beyond. It is uncanny how questions you can’t answer yourself will be answered through another source . . . . But you must ask the questions to summon what you need.

Ask them. Ask pertinent inspired questions. Ask them of others. Ask them of yourself. Ask them mercilessly until you find answers pouring forth.

. . . . . .

From the What creators do series.

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