Who I’m ingesting

Do you want to know who I’ve been ingesting lately?

Lately I’ve been feeding my soul mind with essential nutrients from the following:

Write It Down, Make It Happen. Oh, this one was goo-oo-ood! Henriette Anne Klauser tells of summoning desires into reality by invoking the written word. You’ll flow with the stories, the details and her knowing approach. 

My personal favorite: A woman who daily wrote to her soul mate in tender, honest tones. Her deep longing and faith and clarity, with lapses into doubt and momentary despair before righting herself  agghhh, you’ll have experienced the poignancy of a love affair before she ever meets her mate.

Check this post out for a little of my own experience with writing things down (and having them happen, sort of): Have you written it down yet, your dream?

Steven Pressfield: Turning Pro. For his no bullshit power punches  on getting on mission. If you’re a creator and you’re not doing what you say you do every day, read him. Beware, he’ll call you on your scheize.

Creating Miracles: Understanding the Experience of Divine Intervention. This is so much more than a manifesting book. Carolyn Miller goes deep into the necessary elements for a miracle to occur. The stories are not always easy, for example an encounter with a serial rapist-murderer. 

The author speaks with the authority and curiosity of a scholar who’s had her own powerful personal encounter with the Inexplicable. Riveting. Oozing with grace. Learned at every turn.

And finally a delicious short burst of brio by Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe Blog fame: The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling. I’ve only just begun this book but am already relishing Jeannette’s wit and flair. She twirls around the Law of Attraction like Nijinksy.

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