Why are so many creatives spiritually inclined?

In my travels dealing with artists and entrepreneurs I’m often struck by the mystical language employed by these creators to describe their processes.

Why do so many creatives exhibit a powerful reverence for this realm we inhabit?

I suspect it’s because of the things that flow when you engage your whole being creatively toward something of significance for you. 

You know what I’m talking about. 

The materials that appear as you need them. The unfolding resources. The people who seem to show up unexpectedly to point you in the right direction just as you’ve been mulling over an issue. The way something fortuitous appears on your screen at just the right moment to push you farther along a line of inquiry.

And if you follow these prompts, one things leads to another. 

Like me.

Raised working in a tire store, now in the art world, now speaking to you about creativity and spirituality and all things eerily wonderful that I trip over in my journey. It builds. It grows. 

You can’t help but ease into some kind of keen appreciation for the Great Mystery as you begin to notice how events and people align with your deepest desires once you begin pursuing them in earnest. 

Part of the What creators do series.

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