Why books matter in this info proliferation era

I read the Internet and I read books. You probably do as well.

In a book the message is driven home in a thousand nuanced moments. It is the variation — and the rhythm of the repetition — and the way you experience it deeply — that brings an insight home. 

Where is home?

The internal you. 

Read a blog post or an Internet article, or a short bit from a magazine . . . even the impactful ones are like one night stands. Jazzy sexy frolicsome romps. But rarely transformative. 

Not even that one-time thing on a dock pre-hurricane was transformative for me. An adventure for all time, sure, but certainly nothing that changed my world.

Only relationships transform. You establish a relationship with a blog site — not a blog post — because you develop a relationship over time.

You establish rapport with a person and over time, a friendship.

You connect daily in silence and over time, a spiritual connection.

It is the same with a book. 

Which is why they still matter even in this blogarific, Internetastic era.

It’s the relationship that brings it home.

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