Why speak of stillness (so often) + Begetting in the Biblical sense

If we lived in a time of profound reflection I would speak of the joy in motion more often. If we weren’t so connected, I would shout, connect more! 

(Though for blisses piled upon blisses connection is where it’s at — but in real world ways, not as digital ghosts . . . .)

The nexus between creativity and soulfulness lies in silence. It lies in becoming still and letting the tumult of life wash through you, then out of you. 

It is in the silence that your creative self gets intimate. Sexual even. Different species of ideas rub together, some mate, and then you’re off and running with the progeny of disparate concepts. Silence begets a new generation of thought.

It’s in the great sloshing around that we live . . . It’s in the great subsiding that genius sparks. 

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