The wisdom within reach

This website is based on this idea: Wisdom is within easy reach.

If you read this site from the beginning, you see that first I’m tapping into the Source within. 

Then I tap into the wisdom within reach: friends, family, those I encounter, those I can access easily by reaching out to them.

And then finally I tap into the great souls within all our reach — through recorded material, most often in the form of the written word. 

I started this site when we were mere weeks away from having to abandon our business of many years — or so we imagined! (Imagination used poorly, yes.) By tapping into the wisdom within reach — repeatedly — much grace came our way.

Sometimes grace is simply allowing a (feeble, miserable, fear-inducing, cringe-worthy) thought  . . . to evaporate. And in the absence of vile thought, possibility, strength, endurance — ideas! — and humor can seep back in and carry the moment, then the day.


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