Wonder bringers

christo floating piers

I’ve been a fan of Christo and Jeanne Claude ever since their Central Park project. I lived in New York City at the time . . . To gaze at these saffron-colored sheets billowing in the wind as they were being installed was to gaze at transcendence made manifest. In the heart of the heart of the Western world . . . 

Here’s a link to their current project, floating piers connecting two islands on an Italian lake.

They are not the only ones . . . 

Many are wonder bringers. You, me, others, when we’re at our best. When we’re infusing our work with greatness. When we’re channeling the superlative into our interactions. When we air kiss the celestial spirit in the sky with our shimmering minds . . . 

Lake Tahoe, California
(with appreciation for Gil Vega, who alerted me to the latest from Chisto and Jeanne Claude)

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