Work harder? I hardly think so

Saw a Work Harder sticker on the back of a truck. I’m going to take that to heart, but in the way that makes sense to me. 

I’ve never once witnessed people who work harder/hardest having the best lives. In my experience it’s the people who make work and life and relationships work best for them that thrive.

Examples abound in your everyday life:

I’ve met immigrants who work hard day jobs and then wash dishes at night and have a third job on the weekends. They work fucking hard. 

Yard workers and sugar cane migrants and roofers and mechanics in open air garages work harder (and sweatier) than anyone else in our era . . . .

How much do you want to live their lives?

So, for me, I’m going to Dream Harder.

The ones I know with good lives — the ones whose lives you might actually want to taste for yourself — are the ones who don’t work harder than anyone else — to the contrary — often they work less than everyone else. 

What they seem to do especially well is to dream concretely. 

They are the ones who are very specific about what they want. 

(And they do all they can to get there.)

(While enjoying the hell out of life along the way.)

For you 

Evan Griffith
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