Working on myself: The simple wonder of an achievement board

An achievement board is a feel-good board. 

I’m engaged in many things, some (seemingly) more difficult than others. I’m working on our art gallery business, up 40-ish percent this year. I’m engaged in amplifying myself in certain areas personally
— with food, spiritually, growing experientially (by which I mean growing beyond what I’ve already experienced
— shedding concepts that hem me in, grafting on beliefs that open me up).

I’m engaging creatively, in writing for this site, in writing books. I’m currently working on a bookito (a leetle book) about creativity and originality outside of urban centers. It’s coming out this year.

I’m exuberantly involved with my woman and my boy.

I’m working with my wife to improve our position financially after the shocks of the past three plus years.

You know what works a simple wonder?

An achievement board. 

Below you’ll see a photo of mine, which includes my favorite simplest, appreciative prayer-thought.

It’s in my home office where I spend a portion of my work time.
What a breath of pure fresh air to glance up from time to time in the midst of something (seemingly) difficult and to see . . . all those things that once were (seemingly) difficult too. And now they’re part of my experience. 

I could add dozens of other achievements, and might as my aspirations change so I can also reflect on achievements from other areas of my life. This suffices for now.

I recommend your own achievement/accomplishment board. As you can see from mine, it’s not a board at all but an area on my wall I’ve designated as such. It’s simple. There are no photos to cut out, text to find, only a marker and paper and tape are needed. 

My vision board is over to the left of this achievement zone, which makes it playfully easy to imagine those visions one by one scooting to the right into the achievement space, easy breezy lemon squeezy. 

(I’m so cheesy.) 

(But then you knew that.)

If nothing else, sitting down and using a big marker to list some of the very cool things you’ve done in your life — no matter how big or small — will give you a feeling of airy centeredness. 

As in:

I’ve made it happen before, the heavens have opened up to me before, I can do this, I can get through this (seemingly difficult thing), I am capable! I am on track! I am moving in the right direction even if I can’t see the way there. I am enjoying this.

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