Worshiping at the Church of Oprah

Yes I am these days, worshiping at the Church of Oprah.

If you’ve not availed yourself of the passion and wisdom going on there, consider trotting over to your device and recording Super Soul Sunday

(From there you may opt for Oprah’s Lifeclass, Oprah’s Master Class, Oprah’s Next Chapter, Iyanla: Fix My Life and more.) 

Spirit genius is spilling out of your TV. All you need do is tune in.

Who else can you think of who could connect across this vast a spiritual spectrum  from Eckhart Tolle to Joel Osteen, from don Miguel Ruiz to Carolyn Myss?

Oprah brings robust spiritual exploration to America. Even better is the thought diversity she extols. If I were to design a church it would be like the Church of Oprah, where all insights are worthy of attention  especially your own.

Overheard at the Church of Oprah: 

When you find yourself in a new life situation, a new experience, everything that requires healing is going to rush to the surface.

~ Iyanla Vanzant 

It takes the same energy to believe as it does to worry. 

~ Joel Osteen 

An enemy is nothing but a friend in disguise. 

~ Ted Turner 

People suffer when they pursue a life or chase a dream that doesn’t belong to them. 

~ Caroline Myss

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