Wrestling with what living in the moment means for one who has a dream

You’ve heard it said:

Be present. 

Be here now. 

Rid yourself of thoughts of past and future so you can experience the power of now.

You’ve also heard it said:

Visualize your dream.

Live your goal until it materializes.

Summon your future by living it emotionally and mentally now.

I’m wrestling with what living in the creative moment means to me. 

(See: The Eckhart-Abraham paradox: Live for the moment or live for a dream?)

There is some kind of twining I’m seeking, of being alive in the moment and alive to what I’m creating simultaneously.

I want to live so congruently that my vision for my life is lived each moment of my life.

One way I’m doing that is by defining my ideal life in terms of what I practice daily. 

Am I practicing connection with others?  

Did I practice connection with Self/Spirit today?  

Is my creative practice in full flower?

By breaking life goals — rich deep relationships; making a creative contribution; optimally fit through the decades — into daily practices I expect to find my way into living this day what I create for this life.

I seek to live locally — for today — by thinking globally — for life.

For you 

Evan Griffith

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