Write a new truth

“Write down your new truth. Make it exactly opposite of your greatest fear.”

~ Suze Orman


When you clarify your Vision and your Purpose you are taking Suze Orman’s advice to heart. You are writing a new truth for yourself. And then acting on it. At first in small steps, and then in ever more confident strides.

In my early twenties, a couple of years out of college, I left the family business — a tire store in South Florida. I headed to New York City for the glamour of living with my friend Gil in a dark 440-square-foot apartment in Hell’s Kitchen.

I fell into freelance proofreading because that’s what he was doing. And in the City they paid decently for simply being literate. For me the freedom was heady. I could log heavy hours at crazy times of the day — which really means night — late late night — and make adequate cash for our minimal load.

I took 7 vacations in one year. It was beautiful … until it wasn’t. I remember suddenly feeling stuck. Like there was nothing I’d ever be able to do to get myself out of the proofreading life. My eyeballs were burning from the outside in. Words — once magical to me — became mundane. Tiresome even.

One day I quit. My boss took me into his office and expressed how much they enjoyed working with me.

The conversation went something like this:

Boss: Why are you quitting? We love the work you do here.

Me: I can no longer be a proofreader. I’m dying inside. I’ve got to be me, man. I’ve got to be free. I’ve got to express myself!

Boss: Well, what do you want to do?

Me: Umm, I don’t know. But I refuse to proofread any more!

Very Cool Boss: Got it. But what are you interested in?

Me: You know, I spend all my spare time in the Graphic Design department. I love the cutting and pasting, the creative aspects, doing whatever I can to help out there.

Way Cooler Than I Ever Imagined Boss: I’ve noticed. They love you in there. OK. I accept your resignation from proofreading — only if you’ll come work in the Graphic Design department.

Me: Really?

Boss: Yeah, and we’ll pay you more.

Me, later on the way home, thinking: That’s all I had to do? Make a decision I would no longer accept my current place in the world??!!

The Graphic Design department was like advanced kindergarten to me. You got to draw and construct and design — all manner of fun projects came through — and you got paid to play. I was in bliss heaven.

I had written a new truth in my mind and reality shifted quickly to accommodate the new perspective.

That’s happened to me several times since then. Almost always it’s preceded by a feeling of being mired in a place of stagnation … and then in a burst of intensity I release this new thing from me. What gets released is a new desire I’m longing for urgently. I make a move in the new direction. Then another and another.

Reality always shifts when you demand it.

Excerpted from Burn Baby Burn: Spark The Creative Spirit Within

A question for you: Is there a new truth you want to put out there?

Write it down.

Then go relax, like Love Bear. Ideas will come.

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