Wu Wei and the Law of Attraction

In Taoist philosophy there is this enigmatic concept of wu wei. Translated it means not action. Without effort. Non doing.

There are some things you do that flow so naturally effort is non-existent. That is wu wei. Making love is this way.

When you make love (not the first time, the three-hundredth time), especially with one with whom you’ve become entrained, there is a suspension of effort. Thought itself goes supra. Thought merges with sensation and intent so thoroughly you lose yourself. Your normal sense of self. 

When you are aligned with the Tao, the energy that is the source of all being and non-being, you live in this mode. You live naturally. Your actions are wu wei, effortless. Everything flows like water flowing downhill. Effortlessly, naturally, perfectly.

Water doesn’t care if there’s an obstacle or a grooved trough for it to follow. It flows or pools in concert with what is before it.

When I am wu wei, I am centered. When I am wu wei, I am borne along in the eternal flow. 

When I am wu wei, I may imagine a future destination, yes, though I don’t labor in thought or deed to get there. Natural action presents itself and I find myself getting there without struggle. In the spirit of wu wei I have flowed so thoroughly into the motions that brought me there that whether it took a week or a year or a decade was immaterial. It is the alignment with the Tao that matters.

A key concept within the Law of Attraction is that of allowing. It is surrender to the flux of life energy. Allowing is a state of getting out of the way of your desires. Allowing is a releasing of your intention, knowing that divine grace will coalesce around it, bringing the right actions and people and ideas to you in perfect order. Allowing is faith so thorough the word faith is discarded and in its place you use knowing.

Do you have faith you’ll get there . . . attain this thing . . . meet that mate . . . become that which you wish to become?

No, I know it. 

Those who speak of the Law of Attraction speak of being in alignment with Who You Are. Who are you? You are an aspect of that eternal essence, that spirit flow. You are encapsulated Spirit shot like a projectile into this realm to experience that which you wish to experience!

How do you do it? Wu wei. Tune in, open up, allow it. 

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