Yes, you can write it out and have it happen

“I have been keeping journals for years.  Recently I have been burning them, and reading them prior to the torching.

“I came across the entry describing my first visit to Studio E Gallery, which was in Jupiter at the time.  I was completely blown away by the art selection.   

“My goal being, ‘If they would accept one painting of mine, I don’t care how tiny, and even hang it in their bathroom, I would be ecstatically happy!'” 

“You know, I do remember making it to the famed bathroom wall  and beyond!”

This is from the artist Dorrie Koller, in response to this post: Have you written it down yet, your dream?

She not only went on to exhibit her artwork with us at the gallery, she became part of the team. Talk about writing it down and having it become real, magnified!

PS: In addition, there’s a weird and powerful instance here about double intention . . . about how Dorrie walked into the gallery one day in complete fulfillment of something I’d written down only a few days earlier. I’ll be sharing that later this week.

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