You and the creativity-spirituality continuum


Every instance of creativity is a spiritual act.

What makes this universe so dynamic is its creative ever-evolvingness.And we’ve got the stuff of the universe in us, about us, whirling through us.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the nothingness erupting into somethingness?

It wants to come forth from you too.

All you need do is listen.

What are you impelled to do?

Have you been holding something in?

Let it out.

In the smallest of ways possible.

Are you shy but want to make strangers smile? Smile at them. You need do nothing more! Smiles evoke smiles.

Are you crazy busy and want to start a labor of love just for the hell of it?

You can find 15 minutes somewhere in your day.

Schedule that 15 minutes and do nothing but think about your labor of love. Ideas will pop into your head for what to do in the 15 minutes you allot tomorrow.

Soon you’ll stretch that to 30 minutes. Time always opens for those expressing love energy.

And that may be all you need for the time being. 30 minutes a day expressing love energy in the direction of a dream.

Every creative act is a spiritual offering.

Offer yourself up onto the alter of the divine. Dive in. It won’t be long till you realize that you — you, creator — can offer your creative best all day long, regardless of what it is you’re doing.

I saw it in the woman at the ice cream counter last week. Damn that was a sloppy happy grin while making other people happy.

I see it every day in those doing what they do with warmth. I see it in the artists whose work we represent at the gallery. I see it in Willie, the big-smiling art transporter picking up artwork going to clients up north.

I see it in you, now.

Run to the mirror! You’ll see it too —

For you 

Evan Griffith
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