You are not helpless (I am not helpless)

You are not helpless; I am not helpless.

The theme a few weeks ago was hidden resources. How easily they are accessed. We all have them. We have treasure beyond measure. And there’s only one way to access them. To bliss out on your purpose.

In this blog we talk a lot about meditation. In an activity-crazy world stillness confers an advantage. Those who go silent — often — gain the power of clarity. Clarity confers the riches we all seek. 

Here’s the thing: Stillness is a superpower in an era of unrelenting activity. 

Seek an answer; go quiet; notice your unbounded energy when you propel from quietude into meaningful action.

You have resources beyond understanding; I have resources beyond comprehension.

Become clear in stillness. Then move in joy, all the resources you require will appear.

For you 

Evan Griffith
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